Who we are


Joint Christian Association is an international Christian interdenominational charity based in Uganda, but operating globally through linkages, partnerships, affiliations and other joint instruments of formal and non-formal cooperation networking and exchanges. JCA originated from the deep seated needs over the ages to unite and harmonize efforts for evangelism, church-planting and mission works for glorification of the Body of Jesus Christ as profiled in the Bible, rather than tendencies and practices existing in most Christian Ministries and Programmes which generate divisions, self – righteousness attitudes that contradict the teachings in Holy Bible [Romans? 3:5 -18] which says nobody is righteous all have turned a side ………not even one!] in this light, JCA has been successful to work with various Christian bodies, individuals and institutions ranging from the;


a)     Conservatives, Puritanists and Orthodox Church

b)    Moderates

c)     Extremists


To deliver thunderous messages to the Hearts of Mens and Women. The organizations was founded in 2004 with a Holistic view of supporting and grooming people that are eager enter Christian Ministry in the New Eva, while strengthening and building capacity of  these already in missionary works. An important part of JCA’s mandate is to equip communities for fruitful living in the stormy and stressful life in Christ Jesus. The settling truth in JCA’s operations and evangelism is cooperation, not competition!